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In June 2007, DWA published South Africa's Artificial Recharge Strategy. The purpose of the strategy is captured in the vision statement:


To use natural sub-surface storage as part of Integrated Water Resource Management wherever technologically, economically, environmentally and socially feasible.

In order to realise this vision, seven themes that require attention were identified. They are described in Section D of the Artificial Recharge Strategy

The 7 themes are:   

1. Knowledge Theme
2. Legislation and Regulation Theme
3. Planning Theme
4. Implementation Theme
5. Management Theme
6. Research Theme
7. Strategy Implementation Theme

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strategy report

Download the AR Strategy Report in 5 pdf files listed below:

AR Strategy Report: Section A (1.344 KB)
AR Strategy Report: Section B (9.910 KB)
AR Strategy Report: Section C (1.892 KB)
AR Strategy Report: Section D (487 KB)
AR Strategy Report: Appendices (3.214 KB)

The AR Strategy Report is also available from DWA's website:

under the DOCUMENT LIBRARY, Other: Integrated Water Resource Planning - National Documents 

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Roll-out of AR Strategy

Between 2007 and 2010 DWA rolled-out the Artificial Recharge Strategy. The main aim was to create awareness on how artificial recharge can help in maximizing natural sub-surface storage. The focus of the roll-out, and key to getting artificial recharge accepted as a favourable tool, are:

    Increasing awareness on artificial recharge. Much of the material on this website has been produced as part of the drive for awareness on artificial recharge

    Incorporating artificial recharge into relevant planning documents,
    such as :

    • The National Water Resource Strategy
    • The Groundwater Strategy

    Developing successful demonstration sites. Support in developing potential artificial recharge schemes was provided at Prince Albert, Plettenberg Bay, Sedgefield, Langebaan, Hermanus and Oudtshoorn (see Case Studies Potential Artificial Recharge Schemes: Planning for Implementation [Low resolution]). The history and operation of the Atlantis AR scheme was documented together with a field trip guide on this site (see Case Studies: The Atlantis Water Resource Management Scheme: 30 years of Artificial Groundwater Recharge [Low resolution]). 

On completing the roll-out, the strategy was up-dated. This provides the status of the strategy in terms of tasks completed and those still requiring attention. See Artificial Recharge Strategy: Version 2. This document will be available soon

Artificial Recharge Strategy Ver 2